Kat Goduco Photo Collection

The Pursuit

"The Athlete's Foot Edition"


All Images © 2009-2018 Kat Goduco Photography


Kat Goduco x The Athlete's Foot Pursuit Photo Collection

"The Pursuit" is an on-going photography series that examines the humanization of sneakers. Sneaker culture has been a significant part of society and has shaped many personalities.

They are often objects of “collectible lust” and are a medium to reflect lifestyles.

The Pursuit explores our desire to live through, or for, the “personas” of sneakers through art and athletics. Prior to being a photographer, I handled marketing for and NBA team.

I also worked with a sneaker brand and sneaker retail chain. I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull from my past professional experiences to create this project.

The models I photographed are current NBA cheerleaders and the shoes I selected for this project are exclusive lifestyle sneakers sought after by collectors.

The Athlete's Foot was the perfect partnership for this photo project.  They are a lifestyle brand built on creativity and the pursuit of cool.