Kat Goduco Photo Collection

Mistaken Identity

"Who Do You Get Mistaken For?"


All Images © 2009-2018 Kat Goduco Photography


Kat Goduco's Mistaken Identity On-Going Photo Series

Sometimes, physical appearance determines how others initially react to us. However, once strangers become acquaintances and acquaintances friends, layers begin to peel and the true nature of individuals are revealed. Mistaken Identity Part 1 through Part 3 exposes how people handle the intricacies of being a doppleganger. The exhibition reveals the similarities between the subjects, and shares how they may or may not have the same sentiments as their observers.  

Established in 2009, Kat's on-going photo series has partnered with an array of sponsors and members from the creative community.  The models Kat chooses for the photo series range from entrepreneurs, to corporate executives, to creative artists, to folks from various walks of life.    Kat Goduco has photographed interesting subjects and “twin souls” of celebrities such as Bruno Mars, LeBron James, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys and many more.  

Presently, Kat is working on completing Mistaken Identity Part 4, which is slated to exhibit in 2017.